It is very simple!

We start by spending a few minutes with you by telephone, discussing your store, lines you carry, services you offer, hours of operation and such. You send us your logo and anything else you want us to incorporate into your slideshow. Then we put together a sample slideshow of 75 slides that represent our understanding of your wishes and we send it to you for approval.


Once you are happy with this first show, we send a final copy of the show to you to use for the next calendar month. We then  charge you a one-time $295 design fee. This fee covers your setup and the first month’s show.  Then we get to work on your following months show. Each subsequent month, on or about the 28th of the month,  you’ll receive a flashdrive in the mail from us with the next show. Simply plug the drive into your monitor (or computer) and push “Play.” You are charged $129/month for the shows. To make it convenient for everyone, we simply charge your credit card for $387 every 90 days. It is a simple, easy, effective way to turn your stores monitor into a sales tool.

Each month’s show will include a variable mixture of your “store-specific” slides (your hours, lines, affiliations, promotional goods, etc.) and more general jewelry information slides (with slides  promoting birthstone of the month. 4C’s diamond info slides, Monthly holidays, “Did you know…”, celebrities wearing jewelry.) Your input is welcome on the type of slides you want to see in your shows.

Sample Monthly Slideshow

If you want to make adjustments to your show, add promotional merchandise or make other adjustments, just give us a call and we will assist you.

If you unsatisfied at any time, simply return the current flashdrive and we will immediately credit any unused months fees.

Several customers have ordered multiple slideshows for different monitors in their stores. We do a “Diamond info show” for the diamond room of one client, and a store window show for a downtown Washington DC store with substantial walk-by traffic.

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