Industry Suppliers/Sources

The following directory of Vendors and Suppliers has been compiled from many sources. Feel free to contact anyone on this list directly with your interest or needs. Given the changing marketplace, it is very possible that there will be telephone numbers, websites or other info here that is no longer current. We apologize for any out of date information as we do try as often as possible to keep the data up to date.

We do NOT blanketly endorse all of these firms although we have specific information and experiences with many. Firms that I can recommend as excellent are noted.  As with any business activity, you should always proceed with appropriate caution.

If you wish to speak to me about any of these firms, feel free to contact me directly.

Display Firms- US Manufacturing

Presentation Box and Display- Pawtucket, RI. 800-556-7390

Warner Display- Lawton, OK

Alex Velvet-

Display Firms- Outside US  Manufacturing

Pacific Northern- Carrollton, Texas. 888-888-5868 for catalog items- EXCELLENT

Showcase Firms

Artco- Miami, FL

Grice Showcase, Charlotte,NC

Techno Display

Fabric Suppliers

CW Fifield, Hingham, MA


American Silk

Pricing Systems


Lighting Suppliers


POS Systems

Store Designers

Grid 3, NY, NY


Gunther Mele, Buffalo NY,

Presentation Box, Pawtucket, RI. 800-556-7390,