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For Sale:  White Leatherette Displays


Full inventory:
Tall necks 5
6 inch neck 1
small 3 inch necks 4
chain ramps great shape 3 long 1 shorter
risers: 3 horseshoes, 2 half moons, 1 quarter, 1- 3/4 round
10 accent risers D shape
8 oval accent risers
2 pearl holders
3 bracelet humps long
2 braacelet humps short
10 bracelet singles
2 bangle holders
1 t bar bracelet holder
5 earring trees
2 round hoop earring short
13 bracelet ramps(slopes)
5 bracelet ramps
6 single ring holders
11 assorted size ring cubes
3 5 spot vertical ring tray
2 vertical pendant tray 3 spot
2 vertical earring tray 3 spot
5 horizontal pendant tray 3 spot
5 square pendant boxes 4 spot
7 square earring boxes 4 spot
7 pendant boxes 8 spot
6 square ring trays 7 spot
5 square ring boxes 5 spot
small horizontal ring holder 3 spot
3 square pin holders 4 spot
1 square pin tray 4 spot
4 square earring tray 4 spot
5 hoizontal ring try 5 spot
3 pendant cards approx 3 inch
3 earring card approx 3 inch
7 4 inch earring card
8 3 inch earring card
12 single earring stands
4 2 inch pendant cards 1 3-4 inch pendant card
2 verticle earring trays 3 spot
1 pendant tray 6 spot

Bonnie Harris Frey
Certified Gemologist Appraiser
Graduate Gemologist
Harris Jeweler

For Sale: Black Formica Showcases

We are doing some reno work so we have some spare cabinets for sale.

These are very nice quality cabinets. Black Formica with brushed stainless steel. 3/8″ tempered glass front, sides and top. Back sliding doors are mirrored on the display side. Sliding doors lock. We have a 6′ and a couple of corners available in the counter top height. Possibly 36 running feet in the 8′ tall cabinets.

Please let us know if you are interested in these cabinets or if you may know anyone who would like them.

DSC_0003 (640x428)