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In 2005, Larry Johnson’s “The complete guide to effective jewelry display” (EJD) was published. It instantly became the bible of jewelry display as it taught thousands of people the best way to increase their sales through better display.

Over the last few years, new technical innovations, evolving styles and changing consumer habits have created the need for an updated version of the book. Rather than write a new edition of the EJD book to be printed, Larry chose to create an on-line textbook that could be expanded and updated monthly as conditions warrant.

This course is completely updated with new images, text and topics, and will be updated monthly to include more content.

Each chapter not only has the comments of the author, but we have requested input from other industry experts to offer their “op-ed” ideas for the readers’ consideration.

Each chapter also includes links to the manufacturers of the display products being discussed to make further inquiry more convenient.

Many of the manufacturers have agreed to offer discounts to the subscribers of the EJD course that can save the jeweler thousands on their display related purchases.

The cost of the course is $249 and includes your registration fee and a two year subscription.

If you are interested, you can reach us at 817-980-2135.

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