7 Minute – Vendor Displays

The integration of vendor-provided displays into an independent stores presentation

There are many words written about the power of branded jewelry and its draw. A store with a vendor branded showcase full of merchandise has great appeal to the public. That is the fruit of all the vendor expensive brand promotion.

But what about the stores own goods in the adjacent case? How do they fare in the selling environment? If you assume that they are an equally important source of store profits as well , then attention should be given to how best to display them to full advantage when positioned next door to the flashy neighbor in the next case.

It would seem that the purposes of the vendor branded displays and the stores own displays would be at odds, but that is not automatically so.

Most vendor displays are designed to draw particular attention to themselves at the expense of the merchandise around them. The challenge for the independent is to use this visual impact to enhance his own merchandise presentation as well, not just allow his goods to be overshadowed.

It is an ideal time for him to follow the merchandising strategy of the powerful brands, and brand himself. By using the same techniques used by the vendor, effective jewelers can create areas of the store that promote their own brand as a viable option to the customer.

These “store branded” areas, should offer the logical solution (or alternative) to any reason the vendor goods may not make the sale. For example, imagine you stock a line of “urban” jewelry that comes with a vendor provided display. It is a strong brand, well known and the designs are very aggressive. If you find that you are missing sales because the designs are too extreme, or the prices too dear, brand your own line of goods, (positioned near the other merchandise) and buy less edgy, less expensive merchandise. It gives you a viable option and two shots at the sale. Customers wanting the “real thing” will buy but those “wannabes” now can too.

The key is to use display techniques, materials and designs that compare well, (or better) with the vendor displays. You cannot convince anyone of your “store brand” with tattered, dirty displays in mauve.

Enlist the help of your display vendor in designing your showcases. If they do not offer help, find another vendor that does. Ask them what others are doing. Insist on only superior grade fabrics. Remember, in this competitive scenario, you are not competing
With the store down the street for the sale, you are competing with the adjacent showcase.
Specific suggestions:

  1. Order quality signs with your store brand to be used in the showcases where your own goods are featured. Look at the signs provided by vendors for inspiration. You may need to update your logo.
  2. Consider using vignettes in your cases since these are typically associated with branded goods.
  3. Look at a special color of material for your branded goods that are located adjacent to the vendor goods. Strong colors will draw the eye.
  4. Avoid mass presentations of hundreds of SKU’s in these cases. Show a broader selection that the adjacent vendor brand, but remember, these goods should be positioned as “special”.
  5. Rotate the inventory on a cycle that matches the frequency of your customers recurring visits. If you are unsure, move things around at least every 4-6 weeks. Keep the look fresh.
  6. Use an appropriate graphic in that case to support your message. Ever notice the pictures that accompany the ads in JCK magazine. These lifestyle images are very powerful. Creat your own with stock images from the internet if necessary. Sell the image of your store the same way the vendor sells theirs.
  7. Track your sales and update your selection accordingly.
  8. Have sales training with your sales team to be sure the selling message is clear and consistent. Your store branded goods are not “less than” the vendor goods, they are “different than” the vendor goods. You are giving your customers an option, and everyone likes more choices.

As always, let us know if we can assist you in any way.