Getting Ready For The Holiday Season

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It’s SHOWTIME! Are you ready?

It may seem like only a few months since the Holiday 2014 selling season concluded but the 2015 version is now at our door and there are some things worth mentioning while there’s still time to get your store in shape.

Here are a few questions I am frequently asked by clients at this time of year and the answers that I have found generate the best sales results.

Q: What is the most important thing, display wise, to focus on for this time of year?
A: Decide which pieces in each showcase you want most to sell and put them in the “Sweet-spot” of the showcase, which is in the center of the case and at the backside of the case closest to the sales associate. Put these items on special elements and up on a platform. This draws everyone’s attention to those pieces. The more people that see the items, the better the chances are it will sell.

Q: How much Holiday store decoration is enough or maybe too much?
A: Personally, I suggest retailers decorate their store interiors for the Holiday but NOT the inside of the actual showcases. Odds are, your cases are full of merchandise at this time of year and adding in a bunch of ornaments, angels and greenery just make the cases look overcrowded. Keep the trim outside the cases and your store selection will look cleaner and less complicated. By the way, Go big with a beautiful Holiday wreath or other décor at the door to set the stage for the great jewellery you have within. Remember first impressions are critical.

Q: What else should I do to make this a successful selling season?
A: Get your lights right- All your hard work in the cases is worthless if the lights don’t show it off correctly.

Implement the “Top 10 gift idea” strategy- This successful plan could end up creating as much as 40% of your non-bridal Holiday sales. (Drop me an email at if you don’t know about this promotion and I’ll send you the details, on the house!)

Put a sign in each showcase with typical monthly payments for purchases made from that case. Some chain jewellery stores sell as much as 40% of their sales on credit. Your customer likely finances his car, house and telephone. Tell him the monthly payments for that 2 ct stone and you might just be pleasantly surprised at his decision.

Remove the old, dead pieces of merchandise from your cases. Anything you have had over 18 mos probably isn’t going to sell. All it does in your cases is prompt your customers to shop somewhere else where the jewellery is more interesting. Studies show the average shopper will look at less than 10 pieces of merchandise in a store before they make a judgment about a store. If 40% of your selection is old dogs, you just cut your chances of making a sale by a significant amount.

Take everything out of each case. Wipe and vacuum out the cases, wipe off the glass, (inside and out). Use some “Simple Green” cleaner on the leatherette displays to clean them up. Put only the things back in the cases that pertain to selling jewelry. Eliminate any clutter and unnecessary distractions in your cases. It is time to sell some jewellery.

Q: What about my windows?
A: Depends on the type of window. Drive by windows need signage that will prompt the driver to stop and come in. Walk-by windows need to show enough interesting pieces to intrigue the public to open the door and enter. Think of the menu that is often posted outside some restaurants. “Here is what we offer. Come on in!”

Good luck with your store this season. Keep photos of what your cases looked like and track what worked well and what didn’t. When it comes time to think about Holiday 2016, you’ll want to look back on this year for reference. Constant improvement! Now that is something to really celebrate!


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