Design Without Clutter in Jewelry Stores

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Design without Clutter in Jewelry Stores

By Leslie McGwire, ASID ALLIED

Leslie McGwire & Associates Jewelry Interior Design Company

​For clients,​ ​​beautiful jewelry store​s are represented by the number one rule​:​ to de​-​clutter your store and make it as clean and as open as possible. The trend now is jewelry store designs have followed the concept of utilizing wide aisles, minimalist design, and smaller shelves or cases. The inter-activeness on the client’s side is to feel the organized space that gives the feeling of trying on the jewelry and keeping it simple. Your clients ​would​ loved the lean, more streamlined retail experience. ​ This​ is much easier to shop without clutter.

While trying to appeal to more affluent clients during the recession era, Whole Foods trimmed the number of items in its stores by nearly 10%, and pushed prices and design look upscale in the direction of the being more minimal and much easier to shop and spend money. This decision by Whole Foods was very productive and profitable​.

When entering many jewelry stores, one of the first thing the clients looks at is a wall with many different frame designs and sizes of certifications, etc. The wall usually has an unorganized look. The other “design don’t” is to not have your POS’s cluttered with so much advertisements that it looks overwhelming, and the clutter gets in the way of the valued client trying to do business with you. A source quoted reveals some insight:

“Historically, the more a store is packed, the more people think of it as a super sale, just as when you walk into a store and there are fewer things on the floor, you tend to think they’re expensive,” said Paco Underhill, founder and chief executive of Envirosell, who has studied shopper behaviors for many years.

In conclusion, Underhill the author of Why We Buy reveals in eye-opening, sometimes disturbing fashion what’s going on in the minds of shoppers who are drifting mindlessly through the jewelry retail experience as described in the previous paragraphs.

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