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The Hottest Trend in Signage

Big. Bolder. High Definition.

Signage that grabs the customer’s attention, and keeps it.
Edgeless Frame Fabric Signage. You see it in retail venues like Macy’s, the fashion stores along Fifth Avenue , and in airports all over the world. And brands exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas this year will be using it to get attention and separate their brand message. Both the backlit and non backlit options provide today’s luxury brands and their retailers with a new cost effective solution for extra large and crisp signage.

Why is this new form of signage getting so popular so fast? It’s simple. These silicone sewn-in-edge soft fabrics solve the problem of being able to have high definition extra large signage that is both priced affordably and is super easy to install. Cutting down the cost of installation has long been the biggest challenge to grand format visuals.

40 VISUALS now provides signage solutions to over 150 different jewelry and watch manufactures and ships high quality visual signage to thousands of jewelers worldwide.
If you would like to discuss the options for Edgeless Frame Fabric Signage for your brand or store decor give us a call at 800-962-3119 to get started. And our CEO Casey Ford will be in Las Vegas at JCK. He can be reached by going to or calling his cell phone at 231-206-1290.

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